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It's all about Whanau


The meaning of our logo

This image is of a woman Käiamio, surrounding her head is the atea; a space of thought and mental health. Her arms depict two birds opposing one another and represent the comings and goings of the people of this area. The arms signify the nurturing and supportive concepts of whänau.

In the centre of her whäre-tangata, there is a mountain, giving birth to life and good health.

Our Mission

Te Taumata

Uruuruwhenua Health Inc. will develop a Whänau Ora health provision model of excellence for Uruuruwhenua whänau in planning healthier futures.

Ngä Mätäpono

The range of principles guiding the Uruuruwhenua community in developing the Mauri Ora model are:

  • Inclusion and Diversity: welcoming the diversity of people and their ideas in growing whänau
  • Integration and Collaboration: Central Otago community working purposefully together to achieve whänau
  • Innovation and Adaptation: design and develop Health Programmes best suited to the needs of the Uruuruwhenua