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Whānau Ora Navigators support whānau to
be self-determining and navigate whānau to champion their aspirations.

Navigators work with whānau to:

• Support them through crisis and link them to the appropriate services

• Collaborate, broker services and advocate ensuring their needs are addressed in a holistic way

• Help develop a step-by-step plan to achieve their goals and aspirations

• Identify and strengthen support networks

• Reduce any risk of harm to whānau

• Uplift mana and create opportunities for cultural connectedness

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• Whānau are self-managing and empowered leaders

• Whānau are leading health lifestyles

• Whānau are confidently participating in Te Ao Māori

• Whānau are participating fully in society

• Whānau are economically secure and successfully involved in wealth connection

• Whānau are cohesive, resilient and nurturing

• Whānau are responsible stewards of their living and natural environment

Kōanga Kai

• Helping whānau to develop gardens at their whare in order to build healthy and sustainable kai production practices

• Tautoko provided for establishing gardens and taking care of plants influenced by traditions and mātauranga of our tīpuna.

• Providing physical resources such as planter boxes, soil, seeds and seedlings; as well as kanohi ki te kanohi coaching; whānau are empowered to establish their own gardens


Whānau Ora
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