We work within the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi (Partnership, Protection and Participation) to ensure Māori are involved in development, planning, and delivery of health care while safeguarding Māori culture concepts, values and practices.

We work using holistic hauora approach and embrace the four cornerstones of health:

  • Te taha tinana (physical wellbeing)
  • Te taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing)
  • Te taha hinengaro (mental wellbeing)
  • Te taha whānau (family wellbeing)

Uruuruwhenua – The far lands to the west. This ingoa used to describe the far lands to the west when standing on the east coast looking to the west. Uru being west, Uruuru being even more west and whenua being land

Uruuruwhenua Hauora was established in 2006, due to the level of support needed for whānau Māori in Central Otago that wasnt being provided by already established organisations. Located in the house out the back of Dunstan Hospital, Uruuruwhenua worked out of here for some time. Since our establishment we’ve been in four locations, the back of the hospital, behind Repco, across the road from Night and Day and finally our current location 47 Centennial Ave, Alexandra. The push for having a Kaupapa Māori organisation in Central Otago was led by Whaea Francie Diver. Over the past three years Uruuruwhenua has seen significant growth internally and externally. Whaea Francie said that Uruuruwhenua Hauora has far exceeded her vision and hopes for the kaupapa.

Meet Our Team

Mel K

Kaiwhakahaere/Manager (Ngāti Raukawa)


Asst Manager/Fitness and Nutrition kaimahi

Mel W

Tāhuna site manager (Ngāti Whātua)


Kaiārahi ki Uruuruwhenua/Oranga Tamariki (Ngā Puhi, Kāi Tahu)


Whānau Ora Navigator (kaumātua)/Kōanga Kai (Te Arawa, Ngāi Tūhoe)


Whānau Ora Navigator - Māniatoto


Whānau Ora Navigator (Ngā Rauru Kītahi)


Whānau Ora Navigator


Whānau Ora Navigator - Tāhuna (Waikato Tainui)


Rangatahi Support Coordinator (Ngati Pōrou, Ngati Kuri)


Kōanga Kai (Ngā Puhi)


Kaiāwhina - Tāhuna (Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, Waitaha)


Kaiāwhina Mauri Ora


Manukura Hauora


Kaiāwhina Whare


Kaiwhakahaere Pūtea/Finance Manager

Whaea Louise Mckenzie

Chair (Board of Trustess)

Elsie Lyon

Vice Chair (Board of Trustees)

Whaea Francie Diver

Cultural Advisor (Board of Trustees)

Ken Taylor

Treasurer (Board Of Trustees)

Prof. Colin Mantell

Board Of Trustees

Our Mission

Te Taumata
Uruuruwhenua Health Inc. will develop a Whānau Ora health provision model of excellence for Uruuruwhenua whānau in planning healthier futures.


Ngā Mātāpono
The range of principles guiding the Uruuruwhenua community in developing the Whānau Ora model are:

• Inclusion and Diversity:
Welcoming the diversity of people and their ideas in growing Whānau Ora

• Intergration and collaboration:
Central Otago community working purposefully together to achieve Whānau Ora

• Innovation and adaption:
Design and develop health programmes best suited to the needs of the Uruuruwhenua community

Our Logo

The image is of a woman Kaiamio, surrounding her head is the area; a space of thought and mental health.

Her arms depict two birds opposing one another and represent the comings and goings of people in this area.

The arms signify the nurturing and supportive concepts of whānau. In the centre of her whare-tangata, there is a mountain, giving birth to life and good health.